ODEN in principle

In contrast to specialised desktop modelling systems, ODEN is delivered via an easy-to-use web interface.  Users log on via a web-browser and immediately have access to base data-sets required for noise modelling.  The user typically extracts data for the area they wish to model and then checks and edits this data if necessary.  Once  satisfied that the data is in order, they may submit models for calculation or approval by a coordinating party.   ODEN is unique in that it allows for centralised capture and management of input data from multiple agencies & authorities.  ODEN also complies with interoperability standards thus supporting the SDI goals of INSPIRE. Other key ODEN features include:

• Noise model creation and management.
• Noise calculation, job control and monitoring.
• Management of multiple projects and scenarios.
• Statistical analyses, charting, reporting and printing.
• Road, rail, aircraft and industry noise prediction.
• 3-dimensional engagement visualisation, scenario comparison, impact overview and analysis.
• Automated workflows.
• System login and authentication.
• Role-based function and project/scenario access.
• System Administration.

ODEN integrates with spatial data servers such as ArcGIS Server, GeoMedia, Oracle and WFS-T and others upon request.

LIMA in principle

The LimA software suite for environmental analysis covers noise, air-pollution and solar radiation modelling with a 20 year history of development. Its modular and highly customizable structure are key reasons why LimA is embedded as ODEN’s modelling engine. LimA’s efficient multi-core server “number crunching” capabilities provide rapid model turn around. This combined with the following key features ensure that ODEN is highly cost-effective:

• Exceptional calculation speed an full control of accuracy
• Supports complex screening constructions, e.g. industry
• Workload reducing macros and workflow support
• Wide range of automated manipulation of model data
• Reverse engineering for multiple source determination
• Full documentation of results including reflection-path
• Supports a large range of international regulations
• Analysis, population exposure, quota fixing, uncertainty
• Source group influence analysis for abatement planning
• Homogeneous calculation cores available under a variety of operating systems and user interfaces.

Click here for videos showing ODEN operation.