Purchasing Options

Dedicated Deployment: For large organisations with existing GIS infrastructure, a dedicated ODEN deployment may be the most appropriate choice. This allows the Organisation full control of the system and provides the capability of integrating with existing GIS servers and other applications. In addition, under this scenario, it is possible for customised automation of data cleaning tasks through the use of tailored LimA macros. This model is ideally suited to situations where a central authority is in charge of coordinating member agglomeration’s mapping efforts.

Subscription Model: For smaller organisations or those with limited budgets, an ODEN subscription will give access to many useful functions. Subscription is simple and requires upfront payment of an affordable annual subscription fee for system access plus the choice of either a pay–as-you-go processing fee or per-site unlimited processing flat fee. In addition to real model data and calculations, subscribed users also have access to the “sandbox” training area to assist in ensuring that useful and meaningful results are obtained from the system.

Personalised ODEN training for trial or education is also available.

Contact us to discuss purchasing options or your tailored subscription package.